Hello Mam,

This is so true and profound, I have no words to express what I feel at this moment but Gratitude and more Gratitude. Thank you.

With Regards

Aakriti Bisaria from Goa ( India)

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So well said Riee. I am still struggling to find my words about celebrating women's day. I do appreciate the fact that we have to acknowledge women who have excelled in their fields against all odds, but it also makes me a little sad that we still need a day to acknowledge women. We still don't have that equality. I hope that changes in the coming generations. Yes, we get judged all the time by our extended families and sometimes friends too, for our life choices. You have echoed my thoughts on how there are so many expectations from women because they are women. Congratulations on writing this thoughtful article.

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Mar 8, 2022Liked by Rieethaa

Beautifully written Riee...And we really need to stop judging,start accepting & appreciating ......but I still feel that somewhere when we want to break the stereotype of getting judged by others...we really need to change ourselves first.....if we stop bothering...they will stop judging & eventually start accepting.I have noticed many women try to fit in other's perception of perfection.

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